Eastern High School

Re-launched in 2011, Eastern is poised to become the highest performing comprehensive high school in the District of Columbia. 

Points of Pride

Academic Programming          Athletic Success         Musical Legacy

Eastern is the only comprehensive, neighborhood high school in the District of Columbia to offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. Eastern has boasted foreign exchange programs, award-winning student publications, and strong programs in both health and law career exploration.
Eastern Ramblers have excelled in athletics throughout its history. In 1975, the Rambler boys’ basketball team won the DCIAA Championship. In 1981, the Ramblers were ranked 6th nationally in football. In 2014/15, Rambler athletic teams participated in 14 sports and took home city championships in football and bowling.
The band, the Blue and White Marching Machine, has marched in three Presidential inaugurations. The Eastern choir has many impressive achievements including placing second in a worldwide competition held in Vienna, Austria and singing with the legendary Aretha Franklin.

Relaunching the Legacy

We know that there is much more to do to prepare both today's Ramblers and future Eastern students for success. Join us to support
the people and programs to ensure Eastern students stay on the path to graduation and obtain the skills needed for success in college
and the workplace. Companies for Causes is proud to be part the effort to relaunch Eastern. We’ve helped stock the school with new
books and custom book shelves; we’ve celebrated students making the Honor Roll; we’ve welcomed Eastern’s students into our offices 
to provide them with career experiences. And, that’s just the beginning…