81% of 8th grade students in the District of Columbia fail to score proficiently in math on national tests. In the middle grades that feed to Eastern Senior High School, over 400 students were not proficient in math on the 2013 DC CAS. Research documents that students entering high school who struggle to complete required math courses are at a higher risk than their peers of falling behind and not graduating.


At Eliot-Hine MS, Companies for Causes is supporting a pilot program to increase student math scores, preparing more students to earn credit in Algebra I. The pilot has two components:

1.  Individualized instruction. 

Utilizing a model that has proven successful in increasing early literacy skills, CforC is supporting the development of a math intervention program to increase middle school math achievement.  A retired, highly effective middle school math teacher will return to the classroom to support the a class of 27 8th grade students. The teacher will conduct small group instruction ensuring that students receive the support they need to develop a strong understanding of and ability to apply key mathematical concepts. The instructor will also provide challenging work for high-achievers keeping them engaged in the lessons.

2.  Innovative Curriculum.HeyMath logo

HeyMath! is a proven instructional platform utilized as a core instructional technology resource by over half the highest performing middle grade students in Singapore – a country that has been ranked #1 for math proficiency globally. The platform has been successfully piloted in the United States in Westport Public Schools in Westport, Connecticut. The HeyMath! pilot at Eliot-Hine Middle School will work with a group of approximately 35 students, providing additional resources, aligned with the scope and sequence of District standards, to facilitate student success.


Contact us to learn more about this project, including how you can support it and help us expand to reach more students.

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