Music & the Arts

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Music Education

Our Role.

CforC brought together music teachers and the Levine School of Music to supplement musical instruction (string, band or choir, depending on needs at individual schools) offered during the academic day.

Our Impact.

Our pilot is launching at up to four schools during the fall of 2015. We hope to expand the work and develop metrics to measure the project during the 2015-16 school year.


Students who participate in music & art courses tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills, to work better in teams, and are more likely to stay in school and pursue further education.


Here is how you can help.


Support music education. Through a partnership with the Levine School of Music, we're providing individual tutoring to students and exposing students to a wide array of cultural experiences. Students are also in need of instrument and subsidies to provide for afterschool and summer lessons.

Estimated cost: $25,000 per year.

Theater & the arts. Eastern is a part of a thriving theater and arts community. We support efforts to beautify our schools and bring theater and art education to our students.

Estimated cost: No donation is too small. We work with our partners to identify schools and students in need.


You and your staff can make a difference in as little as one hour per week.


Contact us to learn more about how to contribute or about how you and your employees can volunteer.


Eastern Senior High School has a rich legacy in music and the arts. The Eastern band, the Blue and White Marching Machine, has marched in three presidential inaugurations and successfully competed in competitions across the country. The Eastern choir has many impressive achievements including placing second in a worldwide competition held in Vienna, Austria and singing with the legendary Aretha Franklin.