School Staffing

Staffing our Schools.

Our Role.

CforC supported the launch of the Envision @Eastern program, providing funding to expand the program director to a full-time position.

Our Impact.

In its flagship year, Envision @Eastern had the highest daily attendance rate of students, at 72 percent, of all DC Twilight Academies. A majority of Eastern students passed a majority or or all of their classes and every student who was eligible for grade promotion during the first term was been promoted to their appropriate grade level.

The failure to ensure that our nation’s schools, especially those in disadvantaged schools, are all staffed appropriately is one of the most important problems in contemporary American education. Despite a significant investment across the District of Columbia, public resources remain limited and schools are often faced with difficult staffing choices that limit efforts to prepare students for success in college and the workplace.


Here is how you can help.


Staff our Schools. Each year we work with school leaders to identify staffing needs. In school year 2013/14 CforC supported the Envision director and in 2014/15 CforC supported an after school coordinator to create and expand out-of-school-time learning opportunities.

Estimated cost: Varies based on school needs & budgets.


You and your staff can make a difference in as little as one hour per week.


Contact us to learn more about how to contribute or about how you and your employees can volunteer.