Brent ES

 Principal: Peter Young
 PTA President: Kevin Moore

Brent Elementary strives to be a diverse learning community that prepares each student for our increasingly competitive global society. Together we encourage our students to be self-motivated learners, critical thinkers, and complex communicators. 

Points of Pride

Writers Workshop.

At Brent, writing skills are taught across the curriculum, thanks to a program implemented with the help of Columbia University’s Teachers College. In writers’ workshops, students learn to observe their lives and the world around them and to collect, draft, revise, and publish well-crafted narrative and expository texts. The writing project is aligned with the teaching across the curriculum, so students can gain the ability to express themselves clearly and creatively on any subject they study.

Museum & Field Studies Program.

Brent’s Museum & Field Studies program draws on the splendors of Washington’s museums to make history, science, literature, and the arts come alive. In an age in which our reliance on virtual experiences is increasing, Brent students visit actual works of art and historical artifacts, and they gain a sense of artistry by creating their own exhibits and performances. Each year, Brent focuses on a school-wide theme, which creates a web of learning and common experience between grades.

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