College & Career

Even among District high school graduates, students struggle to succeed in college and in the workplace. According to the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, only 37 percent of D.C. students who go to college complete a four-year degree within six years. In the job market, unemployment rates for those with only a high school degree hover near 20%. 


CforC works with school and community leaders to ensure students gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in college and the workplace. Our priorities include:

  • College Prep & Exposure. We support targeted college trips to help students select the university that is right for them. Through innovative programs, like the Brilliant Club, we support efforts to prepare students for their college experience and expand access to top universities. We also support college admissions and financial aid seminars for students.

  • Career Exposure & Professional Development. We connect students with employers both on campus and at the work site to help students learn about careers in the Washington, DC region. We also bring our knowledge to students providing professional development opportunities in areas including interviewing, resume writing, and creating professional social media profiles.

    • Easternships. Since 2013, Easternships have provided Eastern Senior High School students
      internship opportunities where they receive an on‐the‐job work experience as well as
      professional development opportunities. The program allows students to observe CEOs and
      senior staff at area businesses and non-profit organizations, exposing them to professional
      workplaces as well as a range of careers.
  • The Brilliant Club-DC. The Brilliant Club-DC is a network of PhD students, universities, public schools, and community partners that have come together to increase access to higher education in underserved communities.


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