J.O. Wilson ES

 Principal: Heidi Haggerty
 PTA President: ???

At J.O. Wilson, our mission is to provide a standards-based educational program in an environment that is nurturing, open and responsive to the needs of our children, staff and the community. We aim to facilitate the maximum academic, social and emotional growth of our children in order for them to become active and productive members of society. We are a 'Children-Centered, Data-Driven School.' At J.O. Wilson Elementary School, we promote the extended family concept of 'caring and sharing' and we are dedicated to excellence.

Points of Pride

Erma B. Fields Library Media Center 

Students at ​Erma B. Fields Library Media Center are informed decision makers and independent thinkers who are and will continue to be productive citizens in an ever evolving, information rich world! 

Tools of the Mind.

Tools of the Mind is an early childhood curriculum for preschool and kindergarten children, based on the ideas of Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky. The curriculum is designed to foster children’s executive functioning, which involves developing self-regulation, working memory, and cognitive flexibility. Many activities emphasize both executive functioning and academic skills.

Flamboyan Home Visiting.

J.O. Wilson has begun a new partnership with the Flamboyan Foundation. The goal of our work is to increase family engagement in our students’ learning. Home visits are an important part of this work. Visiting students in their homes teaches us about their identity and culture, and gives us a chance to learn about their talents in areas outside of school.

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