Maury ES

 Principal: Carolyne Albert-Garvey
 PTA President: ???

Maury Elementary School is a small community-based school that offers students a personalized learning environment. Through work and in play, students discover their potential, embracing diversity and benefiting from strong connections with staff, parents and volunteers. Maury is committed to providing inquiry-based learning experiences, arts enrichment and academic programs that enhance students’ growth and development, inspiring a passion for learning and self-empowerment and promoting high achievement. With over 300 students, class sizes range from 16 – 28 students with a full-time or part-time aide in each class.

Points of Pride


Well-Rounded Education.

To support its academic programs, Maury offers music, art, Think Tank, health, physical education and library/media to all grades as well as creative movement in Preschool and Pre-K.


In 2006, Maury was selected by DCPS to implement the Writers’ Workshop model (Teachers College, Columbia University).  The units of study include the writing of personal narratives, essays character studies, poetry and memoirs.  The writing block begins with a mini-lesson in which teachers offer ten minutes of direct and explicit instruction.  After this, students work in highly structured yet responsive environments to draft and revise their writing in ways that incorporate the instruction they received.  Teachers, meanwhile, confer with their students individually and in small groups. 

Maury Think Tank.

Think Tank is an inquiry-based learning class at Maury Elementary that is based in Habits of Mind and Multiple Intelligence theory.” Science provides an exciting focal point for many Maury’s activities and is integrated with core subjects to ensure students achieve.

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Interesting Fact.

Principal Carolyne Albert-Garvey is a 2013 recipient of the Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective Leadership. She has served as principal at Maury Elementary since 2009.  Ms. Albert-Garvey’s major accomplishments include a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship for Foreign Language Teachers in 1991, an NEH Fellowship for Foreign Language Teachers in 1996, a Department of Education Blue Ribbon while at Murch Elementary School in 2007, and becoming an Ashoka Changemaker School Leader in 2013.  Among the many initiatives at Maury ES are the Principal’s “Book of the Month” to encourage reading across the school.

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